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May 3, 2022

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Platt Tech Alumni Walkthrough

We are looking forward to seeing you at our final walkthrough event! Here are some details:

As many know, the construction of our new Platt Tech building is nearly complete, and we expect to move in this summer. Our current/original building, constructed in the seventies and housing all of our graduates to date, will be coming down this summer in anticipation of new fields. We have heard from many alumni over the past year that you would love one more chance to walk the building before it comes down.

Event: The event hours are from 5-7pm. Like an ‘open house’ event, Alumni are invited to visit at any point during this timeframe to take a final stroll through our building, visit with current and former/retired employees, former classmates, and visit your old trade room. We ask that you plan accordingly to ensure you attend the event within the posted hours.

Parking:  Platt’s side parking lot off of Kozlowski Drive will be open for parking. The front driveway will be closed for food trucks.  Side street parking will need to be utilized when the side lot becomes full.

Food Trucks:  We will have a couple food trucks and ice cream truck on location. Food can be purchased and eaten in our cafeteria or as a grab and go. If you have allergies, please consult with the vendors directly regarding restrictions.

Fundraising: There are two fundraisers associated with this event. The first is our merchandise store which can be accessed here. All purchases will be shipped to your home and proceeds will go directly to the Platt Tech PFO for future student enrichment. The store is only open until May 18th, so be sure to order soon! The second fundraiser is to raise money to send our Skills USA students to the National Competition.  A Skills USA booth will be run by some of our students selling raffle tickets and collecting donations for this important competition.

Safety: Please remember – We are a fully functioning school building, which means at 7am the following morning, students and staff will be back in the building and ready to learn. All school policies must be adhered to, which include (but not limited to….), no alcohol/substances on campus, no vaping, no littering, and no “burn outs” (and yes, these rules apply even if they didn’t back in the ’80s 🙂 )

We look forward to welcoming you and hope you enjoy the stroll down memory lane. Check out the official flyer!

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