It’s important to give students a chance to interact outside of the classroom and extracurricular activities and organizations are a great way to do that. Platt Technical High School has a wide range of options including everything from Student Council and National Honor Society to Platt TV and Bowling.

Team members fulfill an obligation as role models to stand up for equality by promoting acceptance, heightened communication and the appreciation of difference.

Students learn how to set up and operate cutting-edge video and audio processors in the heat of a daily live production where every second counts.

The National Honor Society is an organization promoting recognition for students with outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership and service.

Come use your club time to practice and prepare for the SkillsUSA competition. Interested in competing in Skills for the first time? Check out

SkillsUSA is a dynamic student club that enables students to compete in their given trade areas against students from other vocational technical schools. Competition starts at the local level in yearly meets. Students who finish first in their areas can go on to regional and national competitions.

The Student Council represents the voice of the students in the democratic management of student affairs at Platt Technical High School. It is the organization through which the administration, faculty and staff as well as the student body cooperate in addressing the concerns of the school.

The Student council is the student activity governing body. It is comprised of representatives from each class. Students on the council speak for the entire student body. They meet once a month for the purpose of conducting regular business and other matters, which may be brought before it for consideration.

Student Council must approve each Student Activity Program. All requests for fundraising, student activities and purchases made from student activity funds must be approved by the student council.

The Student Council also has two members who attend the COC Student Senate meetings and Student Congress from the Connecticut Technical High Schools. The students keep in touch with area schools with similar extracurricular and interscholastic programs.

Mr. Hatfield
Mr. J. Zajac

Be part of the group that designs the annual yearbook. Work will be done online, at home, and during club days.

ADVISOR: Latrice James
(203) 882-4048

For non seniors and staff please use the following form to order your yearbook. Deadline is March 3, 2017.
Non Senior and Staff Order Form

To place an ad in the yearbook please use the following form. Deadline for ads is March 10, 2017.
Yearbook Ad Order Form

Over the last few years, Platt Tech is doing Community Service at the Beth El Center in Milford, preparing and serving dinners for the hungry/homeless community.   Social Studies Instructor Dan Quinn has added his many years of restaurant experience to the Soup Kitchen and brings the same mission and values to clients.  “I want every meal to be made as if I were making it for my family, and every dish that leaves the kitchen is the exact same for each client.”  Some of the dishes made recently are Beef Stew, Chili, Chicken Cacciatore, Kale Chips, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, homemade Apple Sauce and Pork Loin with honey mustard and onion crisps.   Volunteers for the Soup Kitchen, which is held twice a month on Tuesdays, are made up of Teachers, Coaches and Students.  “We have a great time and do a great service for the community.  The volunteers are the best!” Check back here for more updates.

Read the Beth EL Blast Here


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