Admissions Testing
Your child ONLY needs to register for the admissions test if he/she did not take the SMARTER BALANCE ASSESSMENT (SBA) in middle school. Generally speaking, most public schools administer the SBA test and most private schools do not. If you are unsure if your child took the SBA test, please contact your child's school to find out.

The admissions test cannot be taken in place of the SBA. If your child takes the admissions test, but also took the SBA test, we will only use the scores from the SBA. If your child did not take the SBA and does not take the admissions test, his/her application will be considered incomplete and will not move forward in the admissions process.

If your child is applying to multiple tech schools, he/she only needs to take the admissions test one time. You can register for the admissions test at any of the tech schools. Scores are shared within the district.

This registration is for admission testing at PLATT TECH HIGH SCHOOL. If you wish to have your child take the test at another tech school, please visit that school's website for information (and do not register below). Platt Tech High School is located at 600 Orange Avenue, Milford, CT 06461. The test will begin promptly at 8am. Please sign up for only ONE exam date. We will provide your child with a note to bring to school for his/her tardiness.

If your child has an IEP or 504 plan where he/she receives testing accommodations, those accommodations must be sent to our school, by your child's current school, at least one week prior to the test. It is the parent's responsibility to contact the current school to request accommodations be sent. Accommodations can be sent to: or faxed to (203)877-7734. It is our understanding that, if accommodations are not received, it is your intent for your child to take the test without accommodations.

Please check for school closings on the day of the test. IF PLATT TECH IS CLOSED due to weather or other reasons, the test will be rescheduled. We will contact you to reschedule when school opens again.

General questions can be directed to Patty Fallon at Specific questions related to your child can be directed to Michele Haramis at Our phone number is (203)783-5300.

Available Test Dates: 11/21/19; 12/13/19; 1/9/20; 1/23/20 – start time: 8:00a.m.


The CTHSS will give you a real-world advantage in a competitive job market and provide the academic skills needed for post-secondary education. Apply today, and take the first step to pursue a unique technical education!

If you’re interested in applying for entrance in the 2020-2021 school year:

  • Download and print a copy of our admissions application
  • Fill out the first three pages of the application
  • Bring the application to your middle school counselor
  • Your counselor will complete the application and submit it to your first choice school
  • Your application is considered complete when the application form has been submitted.

The Technical High Schools begin sending “First Step” letters to students who meet the initial admissions criteria in early February.  This letter identifies the steps needed for enrollment. 


If you are interested in applying for the current (2020-2021) school year, please contact:

Michele Haramis
Platt Technical High School


CTECS Application 2020-21 (English)

CTECS Application 2020-21 (Spanish)

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